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MARTEC opened a transnational call for collaborative research projects in different areas of maritime technologies (deadline: 29.04.2015).  This call is initiated by funding organisations from 7 different European partner countries of the former ERA-NET MARTEC consortium.


After submission of the proposals via the MARTEC web page, the proposals will be assessed by national evaluations or eligibility checks. Each country has own national maritime programmes and the financial support for the projects will be awarded by the national funding organisations. Priority for funding will be given for projects which include at least one independent industrial participant from each involved country. Entities like universities or research centers are very welcome as project partners. They can apply for funding as well (if supported by national regulations). Only projects, which receive funds from at least two countries, will be supported.


The following 7 European countries support the blue marked maritime technology areas:


MARTEC Call Priority Areas


2. MARTEC Call Documents

Call Handbook

The call handbook comprises detailed information on the funded research areas, the participating funding organisations, time schedule and the common regulations.


icon download Download Handbook (common regulations)

Full-Proposal Form

The full-proposal form has to be completed in English and requires some project information (e.g. project summary, brief project description, state of the art in R&D, technological foreseen, etc.) The full-proposal form can be downloaded from the MARTEC website. Registered project coordinators have to upload the completed form to the MARTEC website. It has to be submitted at the latest on the 29th April 2015 (17:00 CET).


icon download Download proposal form (common form)

  National regulations

In the participating partner countries there are specific regulations which are individual according to their national funding rules and only related to potential applicants from the respective countries. The call will be published within a limited time period in all involved countries (19th December 2014 – 29th April 2015). Please consult your national contact person for further details (see list below).



icon download View national-regulations or contacts (see under the related country in table below)

3. National Regulations and Contact Persons

National Contact Person

  National Regulations



Dr. Natallia Yankevich (NASB)


Phone: +375 293417342


contact Mrs. Yankevich



Mrs. Filiz Aslan (JÜLICH)
Phone: +49 30 20199-554

National regulations



Mr. Patrick Vidal (MEDDE)
Phone: +33 14 08 11 46 8

contact Mr. Vidal




Prof. Vytautas Paulauskas (KU)


Phone: +370 685 608 84

  contact Mr. Paulauskas



Mr. Sigurd Falch (RCN)
Email: SF@RCN.NO
Phone: +47 22 03 73 02

National regulations



Mr. Wojciech Piotrowicz (NCBR)


Phone: +48 22 39 07 297


contact Mr. Piotrowicz


United Kingdom


Mr. Graham Mobbs (Innovate UK)


Phone: +44 7824 599585

  contact Mr. Mobbs

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Logo PtJ
Contact Call Office

Filiz Aslan
Phone: +49 30 20199 554


Call Handbook 2015
download download (323.45 KB)


Martec Call Flyer 2015
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